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Jim Dreyer has been officially named a "Superhuman!"  He earned this designation when he appeared on the History Channel's popular TV series Stan Lee's Superhumans, and successfully towed a 27-ton car ferry across Newport Beach Harbor.    


Click HERE to view highlights of the show, entitled "The Human Tugboat."




Click HERE to view the "Mission Twenty-Two" film treatment and sizzle reel,


describing Jim Dreyer's NEXT adventure, a new swim series and film project to help


heal the invisible wounds of war tragically afflicting many U.S. military veterans.




Greetings Finheads!  Welcome to the Shark Tank. 

Here you will have access to all things Jim "The Shark" Dreyer.  Learn about his

current project, Mission Twenty-Two,  view information on his legendary Great Lakes Ultra-Marathon Series, his "strength swimming" feats (such as his appearance on Stan Lee's Superhumans and his Cornerstone Strength Swim Campaign), watch Shark Bytes videos, and connect with him through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jim Dreyer's ultra-marathon career, while unorthodox in its very nature, has

followed a natural progression ... partly out of necessity, but mostly as an effort

to continuously raise the bar.

He started his career in 1998, by swimming 65 miles across Lake Michigan in a

style customary to a marathon swimmer ... he followed a support boat.

By 2000, just swimming wasn't enough.  He began combining Ironman-distance

running and biking with swimming record distances across Great Lakes ...

something previously unheard of ... and other than Dreyer, still unheard of. 

His pinnacle multi-sport event was a 56-mile swim across Lake Ontario,

immediately following a 26.2 marathon run through the beach sand and a

130-mile leg on the bike.

In 2003, Dreyer once again ventured as a pioneer ... swimming the length of Lake Michigan self-sufficiently (422 miles in 18 consecutive stages), towing the weight of his supplies from his ankles.  In doing so, he discovered that swimming in such a manner may be the key, and the only way to successfully swim across Lake Superior. 

The Shark completed crossing his fifth Great Lake in 2005 with a continuous 60-mile, self-sufficient swim of Lake Superior ... swimming alone through raging seas and navigating his way to Canada while towing 250 pounds of supplies from his waist.

After bearing the weight of his supplies through grueling ultra-marathon events, starting in 2013, feats of strength like towing large numbers of bricks, car ferries and barges across wide expanses of water, seem a natural progression for Jim Dreyer.

Now, Jim Dreyer has embarked on the new Mission Twenty-Two adventure series, in support of U.S. military veterans, something he has always wanted to do.

Used to bearing a great deal of weight, Dreyer has set out to set new world records while wearing a 22-pound military ruckpack.  Check it out!  

"The Shark" salutes his Personal Sponsors who support him, the athlete, year around in all of his training and adventures. 

 Where does a "Superhuman" turn for support?  Jim Dreyer turns to his "Superteam!"

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