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Dusk 'til Dawn Cannonball Swim
Sink or Swim (S.O.S.) for Veterans

Jim "The Shark" Dreyer's Dusk 'til Dawn Cannonball Swim is part of a joint mission with the Swim Mission 22's Veteran Swim Team, supporting disabled U.S. combat Veterans.

Watch the video below, see The Shark swim with a cannonball, and see what the mission is all about!


IMG_20210903_154119658 (cropped).jpg
Dreyer Underwater with Cannonball - Photo - Jena McClurken.jpg

Jim "The Shark" Dreyer swimming with 22 pound weight belt and cannonball.

To learn more about The Shark's Swim Mission 22 project, including the Reach the Beach - Chicago public swim, please go to the

 Where does a "Superhuman" turn for support?  Jim Dreyer turns to his "Superteam!"

"The Shark" salutes his Personal Sponsors who support him, the athlete, year around in all of his training and adventures. 

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