Lake St. Clair Swim Details

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Pictured with the Zodiac and the 250 pounds of supplies he towed when swimming alone across Lake Superior, Jim Dreyer will tow two of these Zodiacs, each filled with 1000 pounds of bricks, alone across Lake St. Clair.

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Jim Dreyer will begin his 22-mile swim across Lake St. Clair at approximately 8:00 am on Monday, August 5, 2013, from the Clinton River Boat Club on Club Island near Algonac, Michigan.  The starting line can only be reached by boat. 

Jim will swim self-sufficiently without a support boat, towing a ton of bricks and all of the 

supplies he will need for the journey in two Zodiaks.  He will use a GPS and landmarks (when visible) to try to stay just west of the international border and the shipping lanes, and find his way to Detroit.  One of his Zodiacs will be equipped with a radar target so he will show up on the radar screens of passing freighters.  Jim must feed himself, and will never leave the water. 

Jim will possess a GPS tracking device, so his position in Lake St. Clair can be viewed HERE. Tracking his progress will help those planning to greet him at the finish to estimate his arrival time.   Team Dreyer (Jim's ground crew) will be posting Facebook updates during the swim HERE.

The Zodiacs are equipped with lights, as the swim will continue overnight and is estimated to take 30 continuous hours.  Jim is therefore, hoping to reach the finish line at Detroit's Belle Isle Beach (just south of the Detroit Yacht Club) around 2:00 pm on Tuesday, August 6th. 

We hope you can join Habitat for Humanity and myself at the finish line for the celebration! There will be door prizes, including the chance to win a boat ride from the Detroit Yacht Club out to my location on Lake St. Clair as I'm nearing the finish line.  Fins up!  

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