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                (1st in a series) -  MEDIA KIT

Hey Patriots ...

How Booking Jim "The Shark" Dreyer

As Your Next Keynote Speaker

Funds This Series, Benefits Our

U.S. Heroes and YOU!

  • WIN #1:  Jim Dreyer, to be seen regularly on the Warrior Outdoors TV show, delivers the highest level of motivation & inspiration through unmatched stories of athletic achievement.  Why not hear from the man who has 19 times "stretched the limits of known human capabilities," been designated a "Superhuman" and accomplished what no other person, living or dead, has ever done?  Let Jim share his secrets for achieving extraordinary goals with your organization!


  • WIN #2:  Jim Dreyer donates 50% of his speaking fee to the Warrior Outdoors 501 (C) 3 charity, offering your organization a truly unique tax-deductible cause marketing opportunity to showcase your patriotism!


  • WIN #3:  Your organization will be recognized as a sponsor of Jim Dreyer's next world record quest, and receive a multitude of sponsorship benefits.  These benefits may include  exposure on the Warrior Outdoors TV show, providing a tremendous sports marketing opportunity with valuable media equivalencies!



Please see the video below,for a 28-minute 

segment of a talk show interview, where Jim "The Shark" Dreyer explains his partnership with Warrior Outdoors in more detail!














For information on booking & sponsoring Jim Dreyer in support of Warrior Outdoors, Please contact Katrina Murphy HERE!












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