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"Jim, you are sending a message loud and clear to so many of us throughout America because we are standing in the need of hope.  You have definitely shown that by swimming and you have impressed us all; but more importantly, it's your heart and the reasons behind what you did - not just for show but to actually build hope brick by brick. 

            ~ Kelly Wright, FOX News Channel 

"I never thought I'd ever see anything as remarkable as that.  When somebody can do something that's just beyond human understanding, I guess that DOES make them superhuman." 

       ~ Stan Lee, Stan Lee's Superhumans

“Jim Dreyer’s extraordinary quests and his indomitable spirit serve as an inspiring example to all.  I applaud him for his determination and endurance, and I commend him for using this undertaking to give hope and help to the children." 

          ~  U.S. President, Bill Clinton

“There are only but a few athletes ever who have swum distances in the open sea comparable to that of Jim Dreyer, and he is the only one to swim such distances self-sufficiently.  Most astoundingly, he is also the only one to swim these record marathon distances combined with Ironman-distance running and biking” 

~  Preston Levi, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

“… the top player in the world’s toughest sport.”  ~  CTV’s Canada AM

“…  the new American hero; the Lindbergh or Hillary of our generation.”  ~  Mike Lloyd, Grand Rapids Press Editor

“… a sports psychology strongman.” 

~  Dr. Alan Goldberg, Peak performance consultant and author

“He has stretched the limits of known human capabilities”                       ~  Tim Yount, USA Triathlon

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