Stan Lee's Superhumans

Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics legend, inducted  Jim Dreyer  into his "League of 

Superhumans" and drew the rendition of Dreyer as a super hero (below), after he successfully pulled a 27-ton car ferry across the harbor in New Port Beach, California in December of 2013.

Dreyer performed this feat upon the request of the History Channel's popular TV series Stan Lee's Superhumans, which first aired on August 6, 2014, and is still shown around the world today.  


You may view highlights of the show, "The Human Tugboat," on the left.

 Where does a "Superhuman" turn for support?  Jim Dreyer turns to his "Superteam!"

"The Shark" salutes his Personal Sponsors who support him, the athlete, year around in all of his training and adventures. 

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